Financing tax credit and insurance reimbursement

Medical Expense Tax Credit

Keeogo is a Health Canada approved medical device. You can submit your purchase and request the medical expense tax credit when prescribed by a health care practitioner. The medical expenses tax credit currently includes walking aids and powered devices for going up and down stairs.

We are committed to help every qualified Keeogo owner with the Tax Credit process.

Canada Revenue Agency-Form to apply for the disabillity tax credit

Government of Canada-Eligible medical expenses you can claim on your tax return

Government of Canada-Information for medical practitioners

Public & Private Reimbursement

B-TEMIA is engaging with governments and private insurance companies on the health benefits, independence and overall quality of life impact of Keeogo. If you have private insurance, speak with your provider about your coverage within extended health care and medical devices for mobility. Submit Keeogo for reimbursement. If you do not have a claims form, you can request one or use the generic form below. Ask your healthcare providers and family doctor to provide their report on the clinical impact Keeogo has made on your quality of life, autonomy and ability to work.

Generic Insurance Form