Collaboration with Myositis Canada

B-TEMIA and Myositis Canada collaborate to promote access to Keeogo. Myositis, support from mobility assistive devices for muscular conditions

Who is Myositis Canada?

Myositis Canada is a charitable organization dedicated to improving the lives of those with myositis. This organization supports initiatives geared towards the diagnosis, treatment and management of this condition through facilitating awareness and communication between those afflicted, caregivers researchers and health care providers.

What is Myositis?

Myositis is a muscular degenerative condition signaled by inflammation; ; a rare disease, with an unknown cause. Types of Myositis include:

  • Dermatomyositis (DM)
  • Inclusion-Body Myositis (IBM)
  • Polymyositis (PM)
  • Juvenile forms of Myositis (JM)

Treatment approaches and associated responses vary for each disease type. For more information:

How can the Keeogo Dermoskeleton help those with Myositis?

Keeogo, when worn, can offer strength and stability to compensate for muscular degeneration. Field trials, clinical trial, and biomechanical and physiological assessments have shown that Keeogo can enhance one’s ability to walk by improving balance and knee stability while reducing unhealthy compensatory movements.

Keeogo can help those affected by Myositis stay active longer, improve accessibility independence, and delay the need for a wheelchair. Martin Jarry, an ambassador for Keeogo who is affected by inclusion body myositis, showed the world how the dermoskeleton helps him by using it in his training for and then running a 10Km at the Tamarack Race Weekend in Ottawa (May 2017).

As benefits and personal goals vary from person to person, B-Temia’s clinical partners offer evaluations, support, and three-week in home trials of the Keeogo.

Those affected by Myositis who are interested in trying Keeogo can contact Myositis Canada for special programs offered in collaboration with the B-Temia