Keeogo Ambassadors

B-TEMIA is proud to present its Keeogo ambassadors who stand up with sincere commitment and willingness to represent Keeogo. They believe Keeogo is a source of freedom and they want other people to benefit from it. Our Ambassadors are imaginative and supportive. They represent a diversity of experiences and stories that are all equally inspiring.

Our ambassadors contribute to the mission of independent mobility Keeogo’s goal to help you regain autonomy in mobility, by developing the most innovative and useful mobility assistance device. Our ambassadors are carefully selected individuals who, through their commitment, contribute to make our mission a reality.

Proactive Ambassadors

Our ambassadors play a key role for B-TEMIA and are full members of the team, proactive in promoting our mission and vision. They stand out by their commitment, their diplomacy, their credibility, and their notoriety with their peers or the public. They participate in various public activities and know how to put Keeogo and mobility forward. B-TEMIA offers them the necessary support in their development as ambassadors so that they can take advantage of opportunities as they come.

Johanne Landry, one of our ambassadors diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, has spent more than 17 years in a wheelchair. “Keeogo is like a miracle; it doesn’t get any better in life.” For this reason, our ambassadors are mostly altruistic people. They are motivated to help others like themselves who are affected by mobility challenges.

Our ambassadors are a source of inspiration and we are very pleased to support them in their own activities and objectives.

Johanne Landry

Affected by multiple Sclerosis, mother of two children and grandmother of two grandchildren

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Raymond Levasseur

Canadian Army Veteran Affected by osteoarthritis and hyperlaxity of the knees.

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Martin Jarry

Hockey video specialist and policeman at the Sûreté du Québec Affected by Inclusion Body Myositis

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Nicolas Meunier

Accomplished athlete, veteran and former member of the Canadian Armed Forces team leader – Complete reconstruction of both knees and multiple injuries

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Étienne Tremblay

Passionate about new technologies, affected by Multiple Sclerosis

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Jessie Gregory

Graduated from the police foundations program, personnal trainer, massage therapist, one of the goalies for the Canadian Women's National Sledge Hockey team - Regaining mobility with a spinal cord injury

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