Étienne Tremblay

Passionate about new technologies, affected by Multiple Sclerosis

Étienne Tremblay is a forerunner. Affected by multiple sclerosis, his adoption of Keeogo took place in the early days of commercialization the device. Étienne is therefore very familiar with B-TEMIA and has always participated naturally in the promotional activities of the company.

Describing himself as a person who likes to try new technologies, Étienne could not believe it when he discovered the existence of Keeogo and he could not help but contact us to learn more. He is also very grateful to his father, who showed him the device on a photo in a newspaper, in the fall of 2015. The evolution of his very unstable medical condition is uncertain. Multiple sclerosis is an insidious degenerative disease, and no treatment is currently available to control its effects. For Étienne, this translated into limitations in his daily life.

He was tired more rapidly, had difficulty climbing and descending stairs and standing for long periods of time. He said he had Keeogo in time, because if he did not have it, he would have had to slow down a lot. Because of his condition, he cannot predict when he can no longer use Keeogo. For now, he enjoys every moment with his loved ones.

It is when Étienne was able to really try Keoogo at home that he came to realize the utility that the device could represent for him. It was like a revelation for him. He could now do what he wanted. He has, among other things, regained the freedom to go out and participate in activities with his family. Overall, the device enables him to have more energy to keep going through the day. He is also very motivated to raise awareness about the product to benefit as many people as possible with the same condition as his.

“The adoption of Keeogo in my daily life has enabled me to make the extra step that my body is no longer able to do. I go out more often, which allows me to see my friends and family.”