Regain your life
one step at a time

The Keeogo walking assistance device is a smart powered orthosis that helps you take healthier steps and walk more


A unique class of exoskeleton for rehab and community use

This human-machine interface, our Dermoskeleton™, reduces musculoskeletal stress on the body structure by adding biomechanical energy and bracing the joints. This leads to restoration, maintenance and augmentation of biomechanical function. Clinical application of Dermoskeletons include addressing orthopedic, muscular, and neurological conditions.


Keeogo for personal home use

Keeogo for personal home use

Stay engaged with family and friends and keep up with the activities and pace of life.

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Keeogo for clinical practice

Keeogo for clinical practice

Improve the clinical outcome of your treatment plan; get people moving more, better, and sooner.

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Benefits of Keeogo

Freedom and independence

Freedom and independence

Following a clinical evaluation, Keeogo can be used to support activities in your daily life.

Simple to use

Simple to use

Keeogo is a smart powered orthosis that is simple to use, it allows you to move freely.

Motorized support

Motorized support

Motors by your knee support you in finishing the movements you start.

Discover how Keeogo can improve your mobility


Success stories


Jessie Gregory has an incomplete spinal cord injury. She regained her mobility using the Keeogo smart powered leg brace.


Julia survived a stroke. She got back her ability to move freely using Keeogo during her walking rehabilitation.


Jean-Maurice has Parkinson's disease. The powered orthosis helps him overcome the tremor and walk in a stable and balanced pace.

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