Raymond Levasseur

Canadian Army Veteran Affected by osteoarthritis and hyperlaxity of the knees.

A veteran of the Canadian army since 1998, following an accident in 1994, Raymond Levasseur is severely affected by osteoarthritis and knee hyperlaxity. Prior to using Keeogo, he was obliged to use a walker to walk around and his daily movements were limited. Now, he is proud to say he can live a real life instead of just surviving.

Raymond has long been a very active man in his career. His profession in the Canadian army was physically very demanding, which did not favor his condition. Over time, he developed several physical problems, but mainly severe osteoarthritis in his knees, which caused him enormous pain, all day long. In order to find a solution to his problems, he tried, at the beginning, various orthoses, without success. Nothing worked. It was then that he accidentally discovered the Keeogo Dermoskeleton™ during a presentation of the device. He was able to test it on the spot and it was at this point that he realized the benefits that Keeogo could provide. “During the test, my wife and I were immediately excited.” From that moment on, his only desire was to be able to walk again without falling.

Thanks to Keeogo, Raymond can walk and run. He regained hope and a new quality of life. Since using Keeogo, he can walk without a cane or a walker. The device enabled him to regain his freedom and autonomy. The use of the Dermoskeleton™ also reduced his knee pain. It can be said that Keeogo has completely changed his life. Now, h could no longer imagine his life without Keeogo. As he underlines, the device gave him back a desire to live. Being a fighter in life, Raymond wants all those who are struggling with mobility disorders to know that there is a real solution that can help them. It is also important to him that the device is within the reach of the financial means people who could benefit from Keeogo.

“Thanks to Keeogo, I walk, run, lift loads, carry them and I even lift weights heavier than what a healthy person can move. I can also work in the house, go shopping and dance.”